Credit Control

Credit Control Process

Having a process in place will help you get on with what you love doing best.
How quickly do you send out an invoice after you have completed your service?
What is your credit terms?
If your invoice isn’t paid on time how quickly do you chase for payment?
Do you know the longer you wait for payment of your invoice, the harder it is to get your monies in the bank.
Getting a process in place will help your cash flow.
We can facilitate your credit control from start to finish by sending out your invoices and collecting your money, without you having to worry about this.

We are experienced in both Commercial & Consumer Debt

  • Starting by negotiating settlement and payment plans
  • Should payment not be forthcoming, then we will proceed with obtaining a Decree (Scotland) or a CCJ (England & Wales)
  • We will then proceed with Bankruptcy/Sequestration or Liquidation

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    With over 25 years experience, we can provide the best debt recovery solutions for businesses across the UK.

    We have a complete process in place and will take legal action, if this is required.

    So even if you’re looking for help with an individual invoice or looking to out source your credit control function to the experts, we are confident we can deliver a solution that’s right for your business.

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